Votes Matter for Green Elections

making votes matter

Greens to elect party leadership using Single Transferable Vote

With First Past the Post (FPTP) failing this Country, the Green Party shows how proportional representation makes votes matter.

Every two years, the party holds elections for its leadership roles using the single transferable vote system. This is unusual in British politics as other parties usually wait until the leader resigns to hold an election.

Between 3rd and 31st of August, all fully paid-up members will be eligible to vote in the Leadership elections. Included are the Leader/s and Deputy Leader/s roles plus nine other Executive roles.

The Green Party also advocates for gender balancing within their leadership. Should a single leader be elected, two deputies of differing genders will be elected. Similarly, should co-leaders be elected, they must be of differing genders and will be assisted by a single deputy.

Natalie Bennett, former leader and Green Peer is "proud to see such a strong and diverse group of candidates. 

"As we face environmental collapse and social crisis, Britain needs a strong Green voice now more than ever. 

"Greens will always speak truth to power, offering a wholly different model of a society that provides security for all while caring for this fragile, damaged planet."