Regional Contacts

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The regional committee consists of four core posts and a number of additional posts.
All posts are elected annually at the Regional AGM.

Ewan Jones

Regional Co-ordinator

Ewan Jones
phone: 07770 611 827 


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Joe Levy

 Elections Co-ordinator

Joe Levy


Robert Triggs

Treasurer and acting Membership Secretary

Robert Triggs




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Membership Engagement Officer



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Complaints Panel Convener

Paul Crummay 


Phillippa Purchase

Internal Communications

Philippa Purchase


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Young Greens Liaison







Regional Council (GPRC) Representatives
Each region elects two representatives, one male, one female, to serve on GPRC for a two year term. One post is currently unfilled.

Oliver Dowding


 Jude English 


Support Staff 
We have a full time Field Organiser funded jointly by the region and the national party.

Field Organiser

Guy Poultney





The committee also appoints managers to oversee specific activities as required. At present we have:

Tom Milburn

Conference Organiser


 Robbie Mack

Learning and Development Manager