Wiltshire Unitary County

Wiltshire is now a unitary council which means it no longer has district councils under it with a more local focus, but istead, like Cornwall the only other layer of local democracy is parish and town councils.

The old county of Wiltshire includes Swindon which is a separate unitary authority in its own right.

Within Wiltshire there are seven parliamentary constituencies including the two for Swindon. These are North Swindon, South Swindon, Devizes, Salisbury, South West Wiltshire, Chippenham and North Wiltshire.

The local green parties are organised on constituency lines, with Swindon Green Party covering both Swindon constuencies.

Wiltshire local green parties:

Phil Chamberlain will be standing for the Green Party in North Wiltshire on 8 June. As a Green Party candidate he is working for a confident and caring Wiltshire and a country that spends its wealth on our health and education.

Phil Chamberlain

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