Local Elections 2012

MAY 2012

We had local elections last Thursday (3 May) and were contesting seats in Cheltenham, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth, Swindon, Stroud, and Weymouth.

Cheltenham Green Party fielded candidates in half of the town's 20 wards, the best result being for Adam Van Coevorden in Warden Hill who gained 18% of the vote.

In Exeter the party fielded a full slate and targeted St David's ward, a city centre ward with a many students, and a traditionally low turnout. Andrew Bell gained 20% of the vote.

Gloucester had elections in 10 wards and the Greens contested 3 of them. Matthew Sidford did best in Moreland ward, beating the LibDems and gaining 6.2% of the vote.

In Plymouth we doubled our vote share from 2010 to 6.2% average this year. In 3 out of the 4 wards where there was a LibDem candidate, Greens got more votes.

In Stroud our candidates polled an average of 18.5% contesting wards in which we are not so strong.

Swindon saw every seat up for grabs because of re-drawn ward boundaries. Greens had candidates in about half the wards and targeted Central Ward. The Green candidate did well by beating all three LibDem candidates.

Weymouth & Portland fielded 4 Green candidates, out of 12 seats. In Melcombe Regis, Jon Orrell received 19%. In Westham East, Jane Burnet received 14%; in Weymouth West, Brian Heatley received 13% and in Weymouth East, David Smith received 11%.