Full Green Slate for Gloucestershire

23 October 2014

Gloucestershire County Green Party has launched its 2015 general election campaign, with candidates for all 6 constituencies in the county.

Gloucestershire PPCs


Molly Scott Cato, the South West's first Green MEP, gave the keynote speech to a packed Quedgeley Community Centre.

Molly speaking about widespread disillusionment with politics, told the audience that there isn't a problem with democracy, but a problem with our current batch of politicians.

Molly said

There's no difference between the main Westminster parties, and UKIP is not offering genuine change. It is the Green MP, Caroline Lucas, who is doing something different and effective in Parliament, and the country needs more politicians of her ilk.

The decision to exclude the Green Party from TV Leaders' debates is because our policies are different and we don't fit into the Right-Left spectrum.

But this week, it's our exclusion that has become the story, petitions are showing people reacting against this, and our work on the streets means people are starting to see the Green Party has genuine alternative policies to offer.

All the Green PPCs live in their constituencies and are standing to demonstrate their belief that the Green Party has the policies to turn things around for the people of this country.

Penny Burgess (Cotswold) commented on how the recent referendum campaign in Scotland had engaged and energised people (she was in Scotland during the campaign, having successfully completed a sponsored electric bike ride from Lands End to John o'Groats). She said

The campaign demonstrated that people will get engaged if the agenda is right and they know their vote will make a difference. This is a chance to demonstrate that Greens have the right agenda.

Sue Hartley

The full slate of candidates is: Jemma Clarke (Tewkesbury), James Greenwood (Forest of Dean), Adam Van Coevorden (Cheltenham), Penny Burgess (Cotswold), Chris Jockel (Stroud) and Jonathan Ingleby (Gloucester)

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