Green Party selects Geoff Garbett for Camborne and Redruth

12 May 2017

West Cornwall Green Party has announced the selection of Geoff Garbett as general election candidates for the Camborne and Redruth constituency.

Geoff GarbettI am delighted, once again, to be able to represent the Green Party in Camborne and Redruth constituency at this crucial time” said Geoff, after Monday’s selection meeting.

During the last General Election I was heartened by the good will and far-sightedness of so many of the people I encountered during the campaign. Despite the divisions driven between us during the EU referendum, I believe that the majority of the people of Cornwall are welcoming and tolerant. They understand the need to cooperate both locally and globally in order to successfully navigate the very stormy waters of the 21st century.

A vote for the Green Party in this election will demonstrate your support for an open Britain and one in which the quality of life is measured by human interactions rather than material goods. It will signal your support for a fully committed effort to address climate change and to work towards a future fit for many generations to come.”

Geoff, who lives in Carharrack and teaches with the Open University and Cornwall College, was recently awarded the West Briton Environmental Star of Cornwall award in recognition of his sustained commitment to the cause.

Geoff was a founder member of the Green Party in the South West, and has been fighting elections over several decades. He has been a member of Carharrack Parish Council since 2013, and co-ordinated Molly Scott Cato’s Cornwall campaign that contributed to her election as the Green Party’s first MEP for the South West.

“My belief in Green politics has never faded”, says Geoff. “Now more than ever before, we must turn away from our current non-sustainable economic model based on the concept of ‘growth’, and develop a mature approach fit for the 21st century. As a society, we need to re-think some of our old habits and assumptions and place far more value on social justice and our natural environment.”

Given Geoff’s science background, it is not surprising that he understands the importance of analysis and research rather than the usual political soundbites and spin.

“Current attempts to manage the economy solely for the purpose of growth are inflicting terrible damage on ordinary people and also on our precious environment”, explains Geoff - who is convinced that this damage can and must be halted while some repair is still possible. “Traditional parties think in the short term, and only seem to care about the latest story or crisis and about making policies and decisions that will keep them in power. The Green Party’s social justice agenda recognises and addresses needs, but - unlike the older parties - we also take seriously our responsibilities to our children and grandchildren.”

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