Greens needed for Electoral Reform Society Council

5 October 2017


The Electoral Reform Society Council is a great way for Greens to contribute to the movement for proportional representation in the House of Commons and for local elections in England and Wales. The council is an advisory body to ERS staff members and meets four times a year in central London, with full travel expenses paid. 

15 council members with be elected using the Single Transferable Vote system, with the last council made up of Labour, Lib Dem and Green members, as well as non-aligned individuals. This is not a day-to-day role, but includes strategic oversight of the direction of the largest membership democratic reform organisation in the UK.

It is particularly important that the Society has a council made up of people from diverse backgrounds, with people of colour and people who do not identify as male particularly encouraged to stand in this election.

The only Green on the council is not standing again, so it would also be good to keep a Green Party presence on the council. If you would like to contact a current member of the council to ask questions about the role, please email:

Please do follow this link and pass this message on to others who may consider standing for a position on the council:

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