Bristol Green Party Cabinet Member represents Bristol at COP23 climate conference

17 November 2017

Councillor Fi Hance attended the annual COP23 climate conference in Bonn this week, and spoke on behalf of Bristol. As Cabinet member for Energy, Cllr Hance was there to represent Bristol at the Climate event and was asked what action the city is taking on climate change.

In response Councillor Hance highlighted the reduction in CO2 emissions that has been achieved in Bristol – carbon emissions for the city have shrunk by 31% over the last decade. She also pointed out that the Council has developed the UK’s largest municipal energy investment programme, investing in home energy efficiency measures, district heating and renewable energy.  Through Bristol Energy the council has its own energy company to support Green and affordable energy and invest the profits in the city. 

Bristol is also getting on with creating an electric vehicle charging network and investing in cycling infrastructure, and the number of cyclists in the city has doubled over the last decade.  Through external partners and grants the city aims to secure a whopping billion pounds of investment in Green Energy projects over the next 10 years.

Cllr Hance said: “Different cities face different challenges and can contribute to the global solution of climate change in various ways – but one thing Bristol shares with cities like Accra and Quito (the capitals of Ghana and Ecuador, also represented at COP23) is a commitment to act, a connection with our people and a capability to deliver.”

She added “What I’ve seen and heard today has made me really hopeful as a Green about the urgency and importance that city and global leaders are rightly giving to Climate Change around the world. It’s clear from the extreme weather events we’re seeing increasingly frequently that climate change is likely already impacting on millions around the world. Under Donald Trump only the USA is now outside the Paris deal and this conference so far has shown me that the rest of the world are getting their heads down and getting on with the work ahead, which is fantastic.”

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