Bristol Greens pass raft of amendments at Budget Full Council

21 February 2018

Bristol’s Green Councillors are celebrating today as all but one of their budget amendments at today’s Budget Full Council were passed. The successful amendments include:

- Increased funding for the Local Crisis Prevention Fund (a ‘last resort’ fund which provides emergency assistance to the poorest people in Bristol), funded by increasing fees on scaffolding and skips that block the road. 

- Using a small amount of money from reserves to build two houses for children in care with complex needs, who are often sent outside the city at a greater expense. 

- Hiring a planner to restrict the growth in Houses of Multiple Occupancy and support a more balanced housing mix across some areas of the city. 

Together the Green budget proposals will raise over a million pounds for the Council and secure more funding for important local services. 

Responding to the successful passing of the Green amendments, Councillor Eleanor Combley, leader of the Green Group, said:

“I’m delighted that our budget amendments have been accepted. These are sensible, effective amendments that will reduce some of the impact of the deep cuts in Labour’s austerity budget, protect vital emergency funding for some of the poorest people in the city, and provide housing in the City for children in care with complex needs. While it is disappointing that councillors did not support all of our amendments, voting down the amendment to scrap free car parking for councillors, it is encouraging that most of our proposals have passed today.

“This shows the value of having Green councillors in the room to propose alternatives, and with Labour taking their lead from us, this hopefully represents the start of more open thinking and cross-party working from the Mayor. The traditional tribal political games so often played by the main three parties benefits nobody but politicians.”

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