Global Greens conference Taiwan 2022

11 March 2018

Those of you who made it to Liverpool last year for the Global Greens / EGP / GPEW Joint Congress will testify just what an extraordinary and unique event this was. The next (sole!) Global Greens jamboree will take place in four years time, possibly in Taiwan. Keli Yen, the GG Secretary, has recently sent out a call for volunteers to help her in a variety of areas to progress not just preparations for the next Congress but generally to help develop this valuable tier to our common cause. Take a look at this link: https://www.globalgreen And then, by all means, get up to speed with all things Global: 


Alternatively, would your local party be interested in twinning with a Green Party in the US? If so, contact Wendy Armour ( from the GPEW International Committee.She has good contacts with groups in Oregon, Florida and Maryland in particular. If you think there might be individuals in your LP who would be keen to lead on something like this then please get in touch with Wendy and take a look at the facebook page: groups/1576356105767456/

On the subject of twinned Green Parties, Keli Yen said

“I can think of a number of ways that twinned cities can be useful for joint projects - for example: helping each other to connect with the diaspora of one country's citizens living in that locality - especially for the purpose of campaigning for absentee votes!  

The GGs is also wanting to organise meetups of people interested in the international dimension of Green politics, and the twinning relationships could connect with that. 

I'm building a world map which will display various types of information about each Green Party - I could create a map showing all the twinned cities around the world too! See working version here: “

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