Job opportunity in Herefordshire

18 August 2018

Herefordshire Greens are recruiting a part-time staff member to work on their elections this year.

Herefordshire is a unitary council and we have 4 councillors (atypically, all 4 are female), all in the north of the county clustered around Leominster (but we have targets elsewhere in the county too). They're doing some good work - last month, they got a 'Sustainable Development Partnership' motion passed agreeing that new buildings will have to be energy and water efficient, making them more affordable and with local businesses prioritised for contracts. Residents will have access to green space, and developments will be ‘wildlife-friendly’. Walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing will be encouraged.

May 2019 will be an all-out election so HGP are offering a 6-month contract working 2 days a week helping organise their election campaigns. 

The job spec is here and applications close on 17th September:

For info on the local party, the HGP website is here:

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