Election History

When PEOPLE was formed in 1973 it managed to hastily put up 6 candidates for the Febuary'74 election, and five when a second election was called in October. None of the candidates were in the Southwest, although many key members of the movement were in the process of relocating to the region.

In 1977 Jeremy Faul was elected as the Ecology Party's first principal authority councillor for the Withiel division in Cornwall. There is more detail about subsequent elections in the SW on the Local Election Archive page.

By 1979 the Ecology Party was firmly established in the Southwest and the region managed to put up 18 of the total of 52 Ecology candidates across the country for the General Election. Detail about Ecology/Green performance in the SW since 1979 is available on the General Election Archive page

The Green Party first stood for European Parliament in 1979. At that time the elections were held on a single-member constituency basis with each constituency covering about seven parliamentary constituencies. There were only a few Ecology Party candidates in 1979 and 1984 but by 1989 with a rising level of support the decision was taken to contest as many seats as possible.

Details of subsequent European elections are on the Euro Election Archive page

Local elections in the SW have been contested since the County elections of 1977 (and possibly some earlier local PEOPLE candidates between 1974 and 1976). Since then there have been principal authority elections somewhere in the SW every year. Coverage is always patchy, depending on the availability of willing and credible local candidates, but in recent years there have been at least a few Green candidates for every local authority election.

Details of Local Elections in the SW are being added through the Local Election Archive page.


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