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October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

  • The GreenSWord Newsletter Archive now covers Dec'88 to Feb'90 and Nov'01 to April'12. Lots of interesting and still relevant stuff in there - having done the scanning we'll now write some editorial drawing attention to themes and highlights. In the meantime you can simply download them all as PDFs.
  • Work is progressing on the elections archives - basic details for all General elections and Euro Elections.
  • New article about Green CND and the Molesworth Rainbow Village in which many key individuals from the SW were involved.
  • Initial pages live early August.


The History area of this site has five main sections

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Necessarily there is considerable overlap and cross referencing between items. Unfortuantely this website does not have good tagging, indexing or searching facilities needed for an archive - it is hoped to introduce a much more extensive Eco-Green History site in due course.