GreenSWord Archive

Local groups and the national party always published newsletters which were posted or distributed at meetings to members and supporters. Since about 2010 these have largely moved to online publication.

The Southwest Region published its own printed newsletter from the mid-80's through till 2010 when it moved to an electronic version distributed as a pdf by email to save costs and has not been seen much in recent years.

Originally the newsletter was headed "South West Area Newsletter", at some time in the 1990's it was renamed "GreenSWord"

Many of the early editions are missing - if you have a paper copy not listed below please do get in touch.


Southwest Area Newsletter

Although from the mid 90's it will have been written using a computer or wordprocessor so electronic copies did exist in strange file formats, all we have access to before 2005 are paper copies which have been scanned and are available above.

Particularly on earlier issues they were poor quality print on coloured paper so if you want to copy the scanned text you will need to do considerable cleaning up as the OCR has struggled to read the text - the human eye doesn't have a problem though.




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