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Welcome to South West Green Party

Carla and Joe

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SWGP is the regional Green Party for South West England, covering:


We serve over 6500 members across 36 Local Green Parties covering 41 principal councils and 55 constituencies. If you haven't joined us yet then it is easy to join here.

South West Green Party

This site provides regional news stories, information on important regional campaigns and events, and links to your local Green Party branches, councillors and Green MEP for the South West Molly Scott Cato.

The Green Party believes in a society that works for everyone's needs, and lives within the means of our planet. We want to combat the threat of climate change by investing in renewable energy, and build a fairer more equal society where everyone has access to a secure job and affordable housing. We would restore public services to public hands and reverse austerity, ensuring a properly funded NHS and public transport system.

Safe Climate  Fair Economy 
 Public NHS  Decent Homes
 Better Transport  Free Education


If you're a Green Party member, you'll find lots of information on the Members site, or check out the national Green Party site for national news and policy information. Get in touch with your local party to find out how to get more involved.

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