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South West Green Party


There are council elections in Bristol, Cheltenham, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth, Stroud, Swindon and Weymouth & Portland

In addition Bristol has an election for the directly elected Mayor and Tony Dyer is our Green Candidate

In most areas we have decided not to contest the Police & Crime Commissioner elections, but in Avon & Somerset we have a strong Green candidate in Chris Briton promoting an alternative Green agenda for policing.

For lists of candidates and further information click on the links above or viit the local elections page

In total we have green candidates for 68% of the available seats (181/268)



The South West Green Party covers the area of the SW England European constituency. This extends from the Scilly Isles to the North of Gloucestershire and the East of Dorset.  (It also includes Gibraltar although we currently have no members there.)

With over 10,000 members across 32 Local Green Parties covering 41 principal councils and 55 constituenciesIf you haven't joined us yet then it is easy to join here.

This site primarily serves to provide links to further information and contacts. News stories are more often found on the national website, your local party website, Molly Scott Cato's MEP site and various councillor and activist blogs as well as social media. Members will find much more information on the Members' Website.

The primary role of the Regional Green Party is in contesting European Elections and supporting and developing Local Parties to contest Local and Parliamentary elections and in developing local campaigns.

As a member your primary point of contact and activity is in your own local area - although there are always opportunities to work at regional and national level.

All local and regional officers and organisers are unpaid volunteers, giving their own time and skills to promote Green values in their communities and especially in the political space. The region employs two part-time paid staff funded by donations from members and others. We really need them to become full-time paid organisers and you can help by donating.

We have over 35 principal authority councillors elected right across the SW and over 100 parish and town councillors, Green attitudes are starting to infiltrate the town halls and council chambers, and many other councillors are very receptive to green ideas once they have the stimulus of Green colleagues on their council.

YOU CAN HELP THIS PROCESS - Join Us - even if only as an 'armchair' member your subscription really helps. If you want to get out on the streets and into your community then there is more than enough to be done.

The People United Can Never Be Defeated

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