Our response to the DEFRA "Health and Harmony" consultation

15 May 2018

The last couple of months within agriculture have been preoccupied, for huge numbers of people, with the DEFRA “Health and Harmony” consultation. This is about the future policies and support mechanisms for agriculture and the environment when we Brexit – on the presumption we do.


15 May 2018

Glastonbury & Street Green Party have just announced the Town Council’s election of their fourth Green Deputy Mayor, Alyson Black, after 3 years of Glastonbury Green Mayors since 2015.

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Global Greens conference Taiwan 2022

11 March 2018

The next (sole!) Global Greens jamboree will take place in four years time, possibly in Taiwan. Keli Yen, the GG Secretary, has recently sent out a call for volunteers to help her in a variety of areas to progress not just preparations for the next Congress but generally to help develop this valuable tier to our common cause.

Bristol Greens pass raft of amendments at Budget Full Council

21 February 2018

Together the Green budget proposals will raise over a million pounds for the Council and secure more funding for important local services.

Green amendment calls for property developers to fund homelessness prevention in Bristol

15 February 2018

Green Councillor Carla Denyer will call on the Labour administration to increase emergency funding for some of the most vulnerable people in Bristol, and pay for it by raising charges on private property developments which block roads.

Councillors should give up parking perks to keep our parks ad-free, say Greens

10 February 2018

Green Bristol councillor, Eleanor Combley, is calling on colleagues from all parties to give up their free parking spaces at next week's budget meeting, saying the money saved could be used to protect our parks instead.

Greens ask ‘How many times will the police get away with misusing tasers?’

02 February 2018

Disturbing case of man with autism tasered in Bristol raises questions about police practice and accounts

Green Councillors horrified by out of the blue fines to dog walkers in Bristol

26 January 2018

So-called 'litter police' appear to issue fines to residents for letting dogs off their leads in Redland Green - councillors were not consulted.

Greens say we all need to challenge airport expansion

25 January 2018

"Making encouraging sounds about climate commitments while blithely agreeing to more air travel is trying to have your cake and eat it. "

Three ride On2Bonn

07 January 2018

In November, three South West Greens stepped back on the pedals that took them to Paris for the UNFCCC COP21 climate conference in 2015, and cycled 600 km “On2Bonn” for COP23.

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