Green Councillor Wins Sustainable Engineering Award

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Bristol Councillor, Carla Denyer, awarded in ‘Top 50 Women In Engineering Sustainability’ Awards 2020

Carla Denyer has been recognised for her contribution to overcoming the challenge of sustainability. Having studied mechanical engineering and specialising in renewable energy, Carla has been working towards sustainability both within her city of Bristol and further afield.

After becoming a Bristol City Councillor in 2015 for the Green Party, Carla went on to write Europe’s first Climate Emergency motion in 2018. This motion committed Bristol City to become Carbon Neutral by 2030. Since then over 400 councils, the UK Parliament, the Scottish and Welsh governments have followed her lead.

Councillor Denyer said “People often comment on how many impressive, capable and knowledgeable women there are in leadership roles in the Green Party, but what is less well known is how many of them are scientists and engineers. From my fellow Bristol Green councillors Eleanor Combley (physics and software engineering) and Jude English (physics) to national figures such as Green Party co-leader Siân Berry (metallurgy) and deputy leader Amelia Womack (environmental biology and environmental technology), there are many Green Party women whose politics is informed by their strong STEM background. I consider this a great strength.”

The Women in Engineering awards in 2020 focused on sustainability and prospective winners were judged on their contribution to this area. The awards are raising awareness of the low number of women in engineering compared to men and give women role models to encourage more women into the profession.

Find out more about Carla here and the Women In Engineering Awards here.

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