Success as Slavery Reparation Motion Passed

Slavery Reparations

Bristol Greens propose motion following Lambeth success

Lambeth Green Councillor, Scott Ainslie, has led the first successful Slavery Reparation motion in the UK. Ainslie, having co-authored the motion with the Stop the Maangamizi campaign, gained cross-party support to pass the motion.

This motion calls on the Government to launch a commission into UK involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and commit to reparations. Lambeth council have also committed to supporting a more inclusive school curriculum.

Scott Ainslie said “This is an historic motion, and long overdue. The repercussions of hundreds of years of slavery are still all too visible in the inequalities and prejudice which exist in our society today.”

Following this success, Councillor Cleo Lake has brought a motion to Bristol City Council for debate at their next meeting. 

As well as its calls on the Government, this motion goes on to request more local action. It would require the Council to support an inclusive curriculum in Bristol and look at housing, health and criminal justice outcomes for people of African descent.

To follow Cleo’s motion, check out Bristol Green Party’s page here.

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